Robin Stjernberg ‘Pretty’ : Lovely and effortless vocals meld into your vibes with supple lyrics and arrangement.

Robin Stjernberg

Robin Stjernberg offers up another beautiful pop ballad in ‘Pretty’. Classic in nature of pop genre, Robin’s lovely and effortless vocals meld into your vibes with supple lyrics and arrangement.

Written by Robin Stjernberg together with Georgia Ku and Johan Lindbrandt, the longing and the vigil for the one and only, flows like the Amazon River, grand and un-tamed.

Robin Stjernberg is an artist, songwriter and producer who in 2013 won the Swedish Melodifestivalen. After the victory he embarked on a journey that took his career even further and his single ‘You’ sold Triple Platinum and his debut album “Pieces” sold Gold on the day of release.

In October 2018, Robin released his long awaited EP ‘Under Water’, a very personal and honest collection of music. With authenticity usually only found in a personal diary,

During 2020, Robin wrote and produced songs for some of Sweden’s biggest artists as well as international ones. He also wrote John Holiday’s original song ‘Where Do We Go’ that was performed in the live finale of The Voice chosen by NCB, released the hit duet single ‘Miles of Blue’ with Jill Johnson and started his and Benjamin Roustaing’s new band project ohFrank.

Once you had the one thing that made you fulfilled and happy. But you lost your way and neglected that which made you whole.

Not that it’s gone, you feel fractional. Now you can appreciate more, for the next chance that comes your way.

‘Pretty’ is a way forward to a better you.

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