Robotaki ‘Something From Nothing’ : Delivers with fabulous freshness and resounding satisfaction.


‘Something From Nothing’ continues further down the path of this virtual reality, glistening with warped electronics and rumbling basslines.

“There is a lot more behind the name and the mask than most people may perceive,” said the talented Robotaki. “Coming in to the spotlight with his top-tier remix work, and being recognized for his impeccable sounds, Preston Chin, the man behind the moniker has prepared himself to take on a much greater task. A task that entails enveloping the world with a powerful new take on funk and disco. A responsibility to brighten peoples days and to make people dance. A quest to bring a fresh musical experience to humans that has never been done before.”

From west to east, north to south, Robotaki (Preston Anthony Chin) is a Montreal based talent whom reels out innovative of sounds of apropos seasons of heart and angst. Through digital linquistics and server attitudes, Robotaki the project delivers with fabulous freshness and resounding satisfaction.

His LP ‘The Grand Mirage’ is an adventure of majesty that you don’t want to miss.

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My debut album, The Grand Mirage, officially drops on March 27th. I've just put up another song from it on my website and it is also now available to pre-save / pre-order on all platforms. As it stands due to recent events involving the global outbreak of COVID-19, music streaming and album sales are some of the best ways that you can continue to support my music while we all try to navigate through this new climate. Your support of my album in any way that you currently can goes a long way for me and is massively appreciated! As a personal note, it certainly feels unusual to be releasing this body of work after so many months of preparation and especially during this particular moment in time for us. I’m filled with mixed emotions of excitement, relief, and also a strange sense of how different things are now from just a couple weeks ago. For that reason, I feel like it’s appropriate to give you guys a glimpse at one of the tracks of the album, “Passing of Time”. I wrote it about the way time can warp and weigh on you depending on things you experience and your context. While we all are practicing social distancing and might feel more isolated from one another, we have fewer distractions from our own minds and time sometimes can feel very odd during moments like these. I hope you enjoy this vulnerable song I wrote and the rest of The Grand Mirage when it comes out. Again, thank you for your support, let me know what you think, how you're doing, and stay healthy! Artwork by the amazing @rupert.gruber

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