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Roca. // Gus Ring // The Hubbards // Beggars Waltz // Kendall Elise

Roca. – Gene

Vengeance is mine. A statement of fact that is tinged with artifacts of subjectivity, and uncertainty. There are forces of opposing factors, that may – or may not – discombobulate the cause of the finale. Vengeance is mine – in my own reality. And that’s exactly where we’d arrived with ROCA.’s single ‘Gene’. The latently delectable synth laced retribution towards the brooding and the harkening penance – the single takes your heart and squashes the juices, so that you don’t suffer much longer. The dramatic and art-operatic piece is part Japan, and part Universal. But most importantly, it is our own reflection, driven to extinction, and remorse. Can we cope? Will we cope? That’s the fun of it all.

Gus Ring – You Deserve So Much More

When the chorus hits, your emotions well up with upheaval. Much of the angst and past memories of disappointments and tragedies, frighteningly come up to the surface, and you get angry. Angry about how things have come to this point in time. Angry about how you have been used up like a throw away can. Angry – that the world seems to be against you. But then the supple and empathetic picking and vocals of Gus, calms your soul, in parallel to the person you really ARE. ‘You Deserve So Much More’ is powerful, and in this realm of empowerment, a switch must be turned on. You can’t change the past, so you have only one path to salvation. “When I wrote “You Deserve So Much More” I was burnt out and I needed someone to tell me that I was worthy,” said GUS RING. “It was a sparse singer-songwriter song.. Every time I play it this way I feel the focus and the attention of the audience amplified. So I dedicate it to everyone out there who can feel with me. You deserve so much more than you know – so give it to yourself.”

The Hubbards – box 42

Dying of thirst, she crept towards the faucet. The life of her relationship was on life support and knew it. The profound nervousness was palpable. Can it get better than this? In ‘box 42’, THE HUBBARDS dig deep into self-deprecating pop ease, that they are such fans of, and explode it with ample honesty and earnest energies. The single is draped in soundscapes and is particularly cinematic in scope. Off of their latest EP ‘Petty Grunge Pop’, the band does it again as they have been aclaimed to. The 4 piece has a handle on emotive, slice of life singles, and ‘box 42’ isn’t any different. Kudos, indeed.

Beggars Waltz – Won’t Let It Get Me Down

We love the drive up this fantastic single from BEGGARS WALTZ. The simple and direct rock ensemble of notes takes us on a journey of a different decade but never letting go of the world to come. The band’s debut album ‘Be My Home’ tells of ‘tales of love, loss and journeys exploring the meaning of home’. Told you so. Cool, ain’t it? The Toronto based rock band is so much fun to listen to but we’re imagining how fun it would be listening right in front of them. Yep. That’ll be fun too. We’re pretty sure of that. Their album is available now.

Kendall Elise – The Clock Tower

The outstretched arms of the songs that KENDALL ELISE constructs brings down the stadium of falsehoods and worldly wrongs. The sultry but reassured vocals of Kendall, stiffens when pushed, softens when loving. And her music loves like no other. The New Zealand based singer/songwriter has a fascinating inflection in her tone, which you want to grab and make your own. The semi-slide country-rock habit of ‘The Clock Tower’ is a dream, within a dream and its fragility depicts the relationships and nostalgia, bespoke in your mind and heart. The single is off of her upcoming debut album, and it’s enchanting, engrossing, and just delicious. “The song was partly inspired by a Nick Cave cover of Neil Young song,” explains Kendall. “I am in awe of the way Neil Young can craft a song so loaded with sentiment and meaning from just three simple chords” Kenall’s on an upward trajectory and nothing can hinder that fact. Her combination of blues, folk, and country, make her music – nay, her – something to look forward to.


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