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Rocboi Hood Metal R&B // Fernandez Live // Bekay // MOAN // NOMAD.

Rocboi Hood Metal R&B – Pulled Up

Rocboi doesn’t compromise. He wants us to be on the same camp of thinking as well. And when he’s putting down ‘Pulled Up’, the stank of possibilities billow and puff, through that dim alleyway of your mind, and keeps on reminding. Step at a time, things conquer, and Rocboi relentlessly keeps things proving. Popularity included.

Fernandez Live – Love

FERNANDEZ LIVE knows what’s important to him and his life. To conduct towards the horizon of rewards, he knows he’s fortunate to have his wife, Macarena, on his side. She is his support, rock, friend, lover – all that comes to mind when your best thing that keeps you sane. And in ‘Love’, it’s a ballad of sorts that is a note to his beloved. Simple, succinct, deep – “Love is what love do on this side. No words needed. Live a loving Life, and Love the Life God Gave us All,” as he likes to say.

Bekay – 2018 Year In Review

Brooklyn’s own BEKAY comes with a hella tight ‘2018 Year In Review’. In the best tradition of ol’ school hiphop, dowsed with the humor and truths you want, the rapper throws a literal year in review. From affairs from politics to social outrages, his brain simmered the action packed year into a full-fledged word drop. From tackling the First Lady, MMA, Toys R Us, BEKAY makes it very clear for us that his comrade emcee Talib Kweli will sizzle for a long while. Take it as you may.

MOAN – Belief

MOAN (Message Of A Nation) is a hiphop group from Sheffield UK. And they’re fab. They take everyday situations and memories, then turns them into soluble and digestible hiphop fun and worded ecstasy. Check this video, for example, and you see their humor and fun philosophy behind their etiquette towards their craft. The group consists of Lucid Behaviour, Sean D, and Ben Woodward. They make you wanna jump. So, you do it. It’s natural. Get hype about MOAN. You won’t be disappointed.

NOMAD. – All Is Well. No… All Is Bright.

Rock? Rap? Alt? Doesn’t matter. When you hear things like words and sounds as compellingly presented by NOMAD., you can’t help but forget genres. You just want to deep dive and get to know more. Every visceral scream, or radical vocal evisceration, the precious minutes comes alive in your mind. You widen your eyes, then turn the volume up. Let’s all do that. “Demand more of us. Let’s show them that we are tired of them feeding off of us. We are not the same. Flee the scene.” – NOMAD.


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