Rock Despot ‘Bear With Me’ : Weapons of worded destruction, apples squeezed for the goodness of your body.

Rock Despot

Peter Jarecki is Rock Despot. And it’s a project that just so, so good.

Weapons of worded destruction, apples squeezed for the goodness of your body – the vitamin vibe of ‘Bear With Me’ just delights with beats, right moves, and sophistication that is more than just skin deep.

“When I set sail he was just a cub, but this problem ain’t so cute now that it grew up,” said Peter. “I don’t mind talking about my problems when they are in their early stages, but if one becomes an ongoing source of grief, I stop being forthcoming about it. Maybe it’s out of embarrassment, or maybe it’s to alleviate the pressure of having to solve it. Whatever it is, the longer my predicament lasts the more I identify with it, like an outdated piece of clothing that’s too familiar to discard.”

“As a teenager, I remember reading a magazine article about how Brad Pitt wanted to be regarded as more than just one fine specimen,” continued Peter. “This led him to cut his long hair, and take roles in edgy films like “Seven” and “Twelve Monkeys.” Decades later, Mr. Pitt’s filmography includes numerous critically-acclaimed performances, even if public consensus about his looks has not wavered. I guess that was a good problem to have.”

Being someone who triple checks locking the door and sorts through all his possessions, Peter can definitely get caught up with minute technicalities during the creative process. To him urgings such as “move on” or “just get it done” sound like “just cut corners” or “do a half-ass job.”

Drawn and quartered vision of this decadent single is an inspirational horizon for all to aspire. It’s the engine that will, as it wants to cheer you on with regards to your own challenges in life.

Dance if you want. You should dance like you’d never thought you could with ‘Bear With Me’. Something about Montreal water, indeed.

His latest LP is ‘Overflow’ and it’s out now.


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