ROCSTRONG ‘CHING CHING CHING’. Break Out From The Normalcy. Break Through The Wall Of Noise.

‘Ching Ching Ching’ is the first single from Rocstrong’s upcoming 2nd EP ‘All On Black’ (December 3rd, 2018). After his 2017 ‘Be Cool’ and tour around Europe, the distinctive and exciting Irish artist comes back with this fabulous and uplifting single. And when you look at the music video, it is certain that it is all about positivity, but utilizing the acquiescence of humanity towards power and to tools, like money. After all, it’s the ‘degradation of awareness’ that starts the path to corruption, personally and outwardly, ain’t it?

ROC is unique, in that his blending of pop and alt-rock, is superb, with the delicate nuances of a daisy, but behind the facade, remains the gargantuan hammer of the heavy subject matters that frame the song, so delightfully.

The dance hooks embedded, trickle out in multi-steps to engage and tease, as the overall vision of ‘Ching Ching Ching’ manifests our soul, in the premise that ‘we’re worth more, and we’ll work harder’ to achieve our individual goals.

No matter what the challenges are and will be.

No matter if we indulge, we can change things in one moment, one step.

Cup if half full, kinda project, you know?

Let’s break out of the norm. Let’s question more.

Rocstrong says: “My main goal with this record and video would be to show the undeniable contrast that this world has to offer, where hunger and misery have a hold on the majority of our population, while the 1% thrives on unimaginable power and luxury. The video tries to show the contrast in these two realities, depending on where you live, and how we all have truly become slaves to the money”.

“Hype up the importance of money, and want us to believe that if we work our ass off, we will someday achieve this ‘idylic’ lifestyle. In the end, many of us live blinded and look away on many issues, maybe because we think we can’t do anything about it, or maybe because we no longer care about making this world a better and more fair environment,” Rocstrong continued.



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