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Rodney the Walrus, O.B. Howard, Oya Paya, Freedom Candlemaker

Rodney the Walrus – Testing the Waterfly

RODNEY THE WALRUS brings ‘Testing The Waterfly’ in a succulent ‘stoner’ rock offering. “We see the walrus as a fat mammal that can barely move on land. When we consider the graciousness of these animals underwater, and the mysterious ways they breath and share the same life as us. It’s easy to wonder who really knows more about the world we live in..” Whoa. What a description. Fascination in how they operate, gets you to a weird and exhilarating place.

O.B. Howard – In the Light

The drizzling effervescence of O.B. HOWARD’s music is endearing and affectionate. It’s that moment when we first touched. OBH is a husband and wife duo of exceptional taste and aura based in Providence RI. ‘In The Light’ is a single off of the 9 track album ‘South Of Our House’.

Oya Paya – Where Is The Line

Art-pop trio OYA PAYA comes at us with another unusual and fabulous single ‘Where Is The Line’. The exacerbating taunts from the vocals to the outrageous licks, melds together the lines of pop and rock sanities. Ashwin, Maxime and Saam make up this awesome combination of aesthetics. “The birth of the song came from a time when all 3 of us were running out of steam with our own individual commitments. We were going through a period in our lives that made us question if our generosity was being taken for granted.”

Freedom Candlemaker – Abyssal sky

‘Abyssal Sky’ is off of FREEDOM CANDLEMAKER’s upcoming album ‘Beaming Light’. Lefteris Moumtzis mounts an assault on your 60’s psyche orientation from the psychologically attentive single. The Greek-Cypriot is a musician of many tastes and even more distinctions in usage of sonic waves. ‘Abyssal Sky’ is tuned at your notions. “We started recording in December 2016 with Alex Bolpasis in Athens,” said Lefteris. “Me and Alex have been friends for many years, studying together in England. Abyssal Sky was the first piece we worked on and we thought it would be ideal to be the first one to go out. I sing, play bass, guitars and keyboards, Mike Kapilidis plays drums and Dimitris Chatzizisis guitars.”


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