Roger Songbird ‘Escape The KKKage’ : Let the angst, and positivity for the good in people, radiate through your soul.

Roger Songbird

Roger Songbird is an impulsive musician with an eclectic sound who is paving the way for genre inclusivity, his music sweeps you into a world of unpredictability with hip-hop influences, punk and occasional ambient melodies to remind you of your experience.

Off of LP ’91Divoc’, the hiphop sustain of ‘Escape The KKKage’, it severs ties of old adages, insufficient and irrelevant. The visage of rendered laws and privileges, are brought to the fore for Roger Songbird’s call for action, by all who love justice and humanity.

Let the angst, and positivity for the good in people, radiate through your soul.

Roger Songbird continues to divide himself in his music with his deep and metaphorical lyricism that help touch dichotomous subjects of the human experience. self learned producer and guitarist, Roger, lives in LA and is constantly recreating himself to best suit his art.

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These past few months have been pretty crazy (for everyone). There have been some really tough moments and I know it’s been harder on some than others (I’m here for you). Awaking to our newfound reality and figuring out how to navigate on the fly isn’t easy for anyone. I can honestly say I would have lost my mind if it weren’t for making music. It’s been a major lifeline for me this year amidst all the chaos. From both a creative and a consumer perspective. This is a short compilation of self produced songs that helped me to express and work through a lot of the emotions I’ve been feeling. I had a promotion campaign planned for the release, but due to the current climate of our country it hasn’t felt right to self promote. In a time when I can be using my voice to uplift a community in need, I’ve got to be honest with my self and be able to put my own desires in the backseat for a time in order to raise visibility and awareness to the pandemic which our country was founded on. Systemic oppression, racism and injustice. I don’t have the answers, nor do I claim to, but I am curious and I am learning. It is my hope that this music can offer a moment of solace for anyone who needs it. I hope that it finds you right where you are and lifts you into a place of freedom, if only momentarily. I hope that it makes you think and inspires you to grow and change. I hope that we continue to push these conversations forward with our actions until we rewrite history (personal and world). We have the power to alter the course of the coming generations if we use our voice (for equality). As artists we have a duty to speak truth. We have the most uninhibited form of communication in terms of recording history. They can’t rewrite our songs or repaint our paintings. They cannot reform the artists truth to make it fit the mold of how they want history to be seen. Speak out and speak up during these times. With love. – Roger Songbird. • • • • P.s. 100% of donations made to my Bandcamp page will be donated to charity. Link in bio. 🖤

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