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Rohan – If You Doubt Me (Freestyle)

From his latest EP, ROHAN’s smooth style and jazzy underpinnings in his singles, the naturally aspirated vocals ensue with confidence and decadence. Life gives you sour lemons. Then we crush it and just skip making sweetness from it. Try again. Make it better. The instant gratification of ‘If You Doubt Me’ is punctuated by the gleaming shimmer of the whole. The outrageous scenarios are parried and slashed with cunning undertones.

notJohn – I’m On

With aggression and sensibility, notJohn makes it real on ‘I’m On’. Can you come through? Can you make it real for yourself? Will you shrivel in the night, like a slapped junkyard dog? Nope? Let’s take it to another level. ‘I’m On’ is a diary of what you’re due. You do you, as notJohn professes. Take care of what’s important. Take care of your loved ones, by doing you. Get in the game. Can’t have a chance, if you don’t.

High Ego Bachelors – H.E.B.L.I.T.

South Florida Rappers & Producers KAYSADA, AZTRO REV, and SPVCLEE makes it heck of a good time on ‘H.E.B.L.I.T.’ Music is what you make of it and when HIGH EGO BACHELORS deep dive, there’s a big splash made, with waves of resonance. Being tired of the world is normal for most of us. Doing something about it – writing songs and sharing the stylistics of a unique personal story – is always a two thumbs up endeavor. Razzed signals come out of the 3 producers, as we take a ride on the highway to a better beginning.

CookinWitDiesel – Dope Friend

Gulfport Mississippi. CookinWitDiesel born. Nothing odd about that. But life began, and new rap was born with it. Micheal Troy Alford II is CookinWitDiesel, and with poverty surrounding the artist growing up, he took matters into his own hand. The dark side of the world enveloped him, as he was doing his best to escape. One thing was consistent: poetry, music, story telling. That’s what he does in ‘Dope Friend’. Walk with the rhymes of Micheal.

TVRK – Lethal Weapon

There’s a crew of collective minded artist under the moniker HGHRMNDS. It consists of musicians and lyrical burners who know how to keep the groove and funk, on. And on. And on.
HGHRMNDS bringing conscious lyrics you won’t hear anywhere else’s in the rap game let alone Missouri! Small towns breed big things. HM is the proof.”
This is a promo piece for upcoming projects from collective HGHRMNDS. Tvrk spits smooth complex bars over a jazzy instrumental sure to give you that classic Hip Hop nostalgic feel! Hope you enjoy and check out our SoundCloud @ HGHRMNDS!


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