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Rohan // Open Arms // Bergrós // Kyle Jordan // EYA

Rohan – Do You Better

Chill, conscious bedroom r&b track. Toronto, Canada based Rohan, delivers his single ‘Do You Better’. The treasure of life, is, in part, the grandeur of treating the ones you love the way you’d like to be treated. Better, more detailed, attended with a little more respect and kindness. From there, the possibilities of radiating towards others, is infinitely higher and more robust. We’d like to think that ‘Do You Better’ sums up that in song. Understated, and humble in ways, the breathy production is a personal kind of anthem that maybe we all should take a look at.

Open Arms – Spend The Night

Inspired by social situations stemming from promiscuous Friday night encounters, Spend The Night encapsulates the urge for uncontrollable dance. Birmingham’s own Open Arms makes falling in love a bit easier with ‘Spend The Night’ when it seems the stigmas of the world are against you from start to finish. Surging towards a release of his next album ‘Rushing Cars And Symphonies’ the pop-rock project delivers with delightful pop surges and 80’s tinged guitar paintings that gets you in that warm place of solace and contentment. And maybe, just maybe, the future will look brighter once more. Ben Farmer, Drew Peters, and Tom Andrews, the trio makes it just feel good, all over.

Bergrós – Criminal

Icelandic artist Bergrós’ brings dark, cool, smooth track with ‘Criminal’. The intro vocal attentions is decadently beautiful and pop-tastic. Just like Róisín Murphy, Bergrós’ single is a hefty demonstration for the talent that she offers the listener. ‘Criminal’ is a short and succinct single that speaks volumes in technical. On top of the technical, the artistry and sizemic grandeur pours out of each word as Bergrós lets you hang in the balance, within the folds of the rhythm. Like a slow and thoughtful heartbeat – of refinement and royalty, that gets you every time and often. Let ‘Criminal’ sizzle for you. And it shall.

Kyle Jordan – Chemistry

Stated Kyle Jordan: “‘Chemistry’ is a more modern telling of a love story with deep, gritty bass lines and fresh sounding vocals. The story of ‘Chemistry’ revolves around a budding relationship that is stuck somewhere between wanting more but being completely content with the relationship just being physical.” Alt-pop singer/songwriter out of Long Island, New York, Kyle works his influences from 80’s synth-pop to the 90s punk scene, to make distinctions in his markedly engulfing pop single. After his move back into the New York music scene, Kyle Jordan has hit the ground running with performances all over Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island including venues such as The Bitter End and Rockwood Music Hall. Debut EP ‘Lost’ releases on October 25th.

EYA – Mistakes

So good. ‘Mistakes’ is produced with the bounce of the Universe. If the Universe bounced, of course. No theory about that yet, but who knows. In any case, you may bounce to the beat as ‘Mistakes’ is playing. And with EYA’s vocals guiding you – supple and beautifully – it’s apparent the deal will be that we’ll see you on the dance floor. EYA is a singer/songwriter who aims to bring more thoughtful stories and compositionally-interesting songs to the Top 40 scene. Conviction. Plan. Execution. It’s the stuff that, we think, makes EYA so prominent. Let’s go. Nuff said.


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