Roisin ‘Fade Away’ : Makes it her’s and her’s alone.

Let’s see where Roisin takes this promise to herself.


“I hated school – what I was studying, the partying, and all the expectations,” remembered Roisin. “I had just told one of my closest friends what I was feeling and that I wanted to pursue music instead. They told me I seemed ‘spirally’. Which, yeah sure. So I went back to my dorm, picked up my ukulele, and sat on my bed and wrote the song. Months later my producer and I recreated it together.”

Róisin is an American singer and songwriter from Rockland County, NY. She got her start writing and performing her own songs while attending Binghamton University, where she began collaborating with other writers and producers.

Seemingly lost or disillusioned, Roisin take a story that is dime a dozen in this world, and makes it her’s and her’s alone. A sample of what could be achieved, the single ‘Fade Away’ is more than a pop delegation, but has a potential to be something more.

Something more like Roisin’s dreams. If not, then while it exists, the song will dance like the stars, and give it its all.

Let’s see where Roisin takes this promise to herself.

Look for more of this declaration of Roisin.


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