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Roland Greco // Muyinza // La Fine Equipe // Trip Bishop // Lowkey

Roland Greco – Vagabond (feat. The Crushboys)

Los Angeles based ROLAND GRECO. He produces. He brings style, into life. ‘Vagabond’ is the banger fro the artist, which shows off the lyrical skills of THE CRUSHBOYS. With Travis Scott-like sizzle, the collaboration digs deep into the psyche, as it opens our eyes and hearts. Originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Roland keeps it dang real with is productions, all crisp, dialed, and to the point of no return. Weather outside can be frightful. But with Roland and the gang on your side, the Universe can be yours. Let ‘Vagabond’ be you.

Muyinza – Disappear

Born in Uganda, raised in Ontario Canada, and now pushing his musical career deep in Los Angeles, the unique rapper/producer makes it known right away to the listener that he’s no ‘one trick pony’ with his arrangements. ‘Disappear’ is about her. An impassioned cry for recognition, a connection, of the heart and physical form. Don’t disappear. But let the challenges disappear. It’ll be alright. Be here and now. “Seductive and delicious’ the single continues MUYINZA’s focus on the work at hand. Music will prevail, as he stated: “It’s been a long journey to arrive here but every bump in the road came with the knowledge and lessons I needed to be able to do this properly and sustainably,”

La Fine Equipe – What Eva ft. Mr. J. Medeiros

“We wanted it to look like a 90s VHS that was put on the VCR,” LA FINE EQUIPE stated. “Part of the charm was its fuzzy, imperfect look so apparent during that era.” DIY vibe and funky rhymes make this gem happen, as the band takes classic 90’s hiphop to a place where it always belongs: on the pedestal over your fireplace. Like a hard won trophy, you glare and become amazed at the distinct rapture of ‘What Eva’. Keep it clean and classy, is what you deem it, for your life is better with LFE within it. “The song and visual is also a homage to the strong visual elements often found in 90s music videos like Mc Solaar’s ‘New Western’ and French hiphop outfit IAM’s ‘Je danse le Mia’.” Throwback? Check. Fun? Check. Song to take to your girlfriend? Double check. She’ll dig it, as both of you dance to this sweet tune.

Trip Bishop – Overdue

“Song speaks for itself,” stated TRIP BISHOP. Does it? We wanted to test that hypothesis. With a drag out chill lyrics, dark-soaked vocals, and an attitude that keeps the hate at bay – yep, it’s true. The song does speak for itself, as it weaves into subjects that delight part of the population at hand, but debilitatingly kicks an uproar from another. A divided political and social environment, is what we have. TRIP BISHOP thinks, before we can heal, the cause has to be recognized, analyzed then accepted. From there true road to healing can start. Noble, indeed.

Lowkey – The Return Of Lowkey

LOWKEY has returned. And his demand, is on another level. His fans have been craving his unique aggressive style of rap, and unfettered rhyming skills, for a long, long time. The dam has blown, and here he is. ‘The Return Of Lowkey’ is 7+ minutes of a 12 round boxing extravaganza. As he always does, every chapter in his songs, pound and pound, and never relents. Lowkey’s music sure knows how to reach a wide array of the populous, despite the socio-economic differences. The UK hiphop artist’s long awaited sequel to his ‘Soundtracks To The Struggle’, he stamps his authority in emphatic fashion. Just like we’d only expect it.


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