Roller Derby ‘Flying High’ : Dances in fantastic harmony and light. To make this otherwise gray world, shine a bit brighter.

Roller Derby

Charming wisps of breadth and shimmer, packaged in the dainty strength of the gliding vocals, the 3 piece band, Roller Derby, has a beautiful inlay of sultry vibes and pop essentials.

Following single ‘I Wish’, the success and fabulous reception pushed the songwriters into higher gears. And now with warm synths, voluptuous vocals, and dream-pop embraces, ‘Flying High’ pulls you along in delightful dance.

Said the band: “The music video for the song shows the longing and dreaming of another person, which robs you of your sleep. But even the most beautiful illusion cannot be touched – because dreams are untouchable.”

Hamburg basd Roller Derby was founded in early 2020 by Philine Meyer (vocals, keys), Manuel Romero Soria (guitar) and Max Nielsen (bass).

A positive nihilism, seeps into the veins of our consciousness. And with that action, the cosmic vocals of Philine, dances in fantastic harmony and light with her bandmates, to make this otherwise gray world, shine a bit brighter.

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