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Rollin Rosatti // Mad Ones // I Am Soyuz // Damon Mitchell // sky coloured

Rollin Rosatti – Don’t Stop

Attitude. Soft caress. Soothing shot of bourbon. It comes with the territory when ROLLIN ROSATTI’s voice and single ‘Don’t Stop’ comes to your doorstep. He knocks on your front door, you open that door, then you see the glowing blues-rock framed and soulful chords. “Keep on holdin’ on” is the beck and call of the single, with driving vocals of Rollin, slapping you awake and keeping you in the know for what’s good to come. So, sip that bourbon, adjust your collar, for there is a party coming your way. Let him in your door, now, for that time has arrived. Let this Memphis based artist drive you to ecstasy.

Mad Ones – In Silence

Cobwebs in your ears. Cobwebs in your brain. Been that stagnant, huh? Well, have you heart MAD ONES’ single ‘In Silence’? Your listening to this now. And when the frenetic pace of the punk aesthetics grind you as nicely as freshly crushed pepper at your dinner date, you wonder where you are. You wonder why you’re sitting at your work desk, isolated and alone. Why are you doing this to yourself? Then you double take at your blindly bland, “no opinion” of the world around you, and you snap. You snap to attention to issues and “you begin to care”. “It’s important to display a sense of fun in the video to counter what we were exploring in the song and that simple expressions of peace and unity are important if we are going to overcome the xenophobia and social othering that holds us back,” stated MAD ONES. Word. Less of hate, the better. Let’s care more, shall we? It’s 2019.

I Am Soyuz – Follow Behind You

I AM SOYUZ is the delicate wind for chance and opportunities you’d dreamed of. Her vocal optimism acclimates to our naturally cynical side of things and she chips away the icy edges, to shape and help mold a better and brighter look into the future. The Stockholm Sweden based singer/songwriter brings beautiful lyrics and charm, framed often in her ukulele. But every time she offers the world her shining songs, in the hopes of spreading some happiness for all of us to hold. It does you good to listen to her.

Damon Mitchell – Elise

DAMON MITCHELL is a hidden gem. More people should hear his music. And through singles like ‘Elise’, the artist from Indiana, has the chops. And unapologetically, he drives his uncanny pop and rock measures to perfection, as we’re swept into his mesmerizing vocal attention to his tantalizing lyrics. The music video really represents a good amount of what Damon is, and what could be to his audience. The tinge of 70’s habits, framed in a gelatin-like reality, ‘Elise’ beckons the understated rowdiness of a Neil Young, with the sentient veracity of a modern multi-genre pop song. It’s good stuff. Damon has so much to offer, and we all should be there to witness them.

sky coloured – in the small hours

Off of the EP ‘In The Small Hours’, sky coloured, explores the emotional connection of how it is to be connected with visuals on a screen. Intimacy comes at multiple levels, and when in the times of sullen and palpable gravitas – we quake with lust and unfettered inquisitiveness. It will be untold, then reset, then the process starts once more. Day, after week – when our vulnerabilities are highest with admitted and languid appetites at the gates. Artificial love, offered by the virtual caress of the characters of desire – will be a vetted road to salvation. sky coloured is Theo Jackson and the colors are muted. For underneath that muted shimmer, and lies a glow of absolute talent and will for expression – a call to arms in art and top-shelf story telling.


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