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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Brings Forth New Single ‘Talking Straight’. We Long For The Nearest Beach.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever is a band that mixes that ‘beach’ sensibilities and takes it to another section of just fabulously enjoyable music. Refreshingly direct is their latest single ‘Talking Straight’. From the guitar to the vocals, to the ‘feels’ laid out on that long road to the place of love, hate, disappointments, then redemptive conversations. It’s just cool stuff.

Latest album ‘Hope Downs’ drops June 15.

From us New Jersey folks, we think if the vocals is taken out of the song, it could sit nicely and effectively in our NJ rock sensibilities. The atmosphere is very blue collar, and precisely un-layered, making the single very accessible to a large swath of fans.

However, it is indie. It’s innovative. It’s just fun.

And don’t know about you all, we at CHF like smiling and laughing. We take the opportunity to do so, as much as possible.

So, where’s the nearest beach? Oh right. Let’s all go to the New Jersey Shore!

It’s summer!

Kudos, RBCF. Kudos.

Buy [HERE]



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