Rolls Rollin ‘You Win’ : Breaks down the barriers. Bringing dance love to the masses.

Rolls Rollin

What happens when the raver that goes hardest at every party steps up on to the stage? Rolls Rollin lives for the dancefloor, and his dizzying brand of high energy dance music will be ready to ignite club sound systems worldwide the second lockdown is over.

The artist hits the ground running with his debut, ‘Big Booty’, which has racked up more than 150,000 streams in only a month since its release. Big Booty was described by We Rave You as “a banger that is set to amaze a lot of hardcore ravers out there” and by UFO Network as “precision engineered to decimate dancefloors” – and You Win takes things up a notch from there!

Rolls Rollin is a dream-chaser and a party-starter. His energy onstage is unrestrained and infectious. A born performer, he breaks down the barriers between crowd and DJ; bringing the room together with one goal. Go hard.

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Each day we get closer 😳🕺

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