Roman Lewis ‘Sucker’ : Taking simple things. Then, making it profoundly intimate.

Roman Lewis

From dynamic and energizing singer/songwriter Roman Lewis, comes single ‘Sucker’. It’s included in Roman’s 2nd EP, ‘My First Failed Fairytale’, and it exudes confidence and gumption for the story and narration. With David Gray-esque strumming and vocal exuberance, ‘Sucker’ is a delectable pop Americana, dipped in the tang of Roman’s altruistic lyrical rapture.

“‘Sucker’ came about from spending my time laughing at self-deprecating memes on Instagram,” said Roman, “and then laughing at myself after realizing how messed up it was that I was dealing with these negative feelings by relating to these memes online about it. At first it was a self-deprecating song full of sexual innuendos and potty humor called ‘Eat Shit.’ When I went into the studio with Catherine Marks, she helped me peel away at the poo poo jokes and get to the heart of the song which is just about feeling worthless. ‘Eat Shit’ became ‘Sucker.’”

Taking simple things. Then, making it profoundly intimate.

That’s what ‘Sucker’ is from the mouth of Roman’s vision and musical angst.

We dig. You should dig.


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