Roman Rouge ‘The Other Me’ : Expiring nothing of the hardships and challenge. Love pushes back.

Roman Rouge

Singer/songwriter, Roman Rouge, from El Paso, Texas shares a song of love and of its complexities in ‘The Other Me’.

“The Other Me is about the self awareness and guilt that comes from hurting a good girl due to my own selfishness,” said Roman. “It’s about that conflict and inner conversation between hiding secrets to keep her or opening up and possibly losing her.”

A rollercoaster of vibes, indicated in markers of platitudes to the over-arching demand of love. A vision for life, that crumbles in the darkness, never to be resurrected again. A future that is imminent and never to be deviated?

Roman’s sultry pop vocals, delivered in expressive nuances, chiming into a corner of life and its dealing, while expiring nothing of the hardships and challenge.

Will this question ever be explained?

Not if love has anything to do about it.

Look for more from Roman Rouge.


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