Ron Gallo ‘You Are Enough’ : Love is where things start. It’s a love letter for the world.

Ron Gallo

“I want people to get ready in the morning to this song and then go dismantle shit (safely) or just kick back and enjoy being themselves,” said Ron Gallo. “What started as an affirmation for my love, Chiara, has evolved into something much more universal. A strange time to release music but I chose to stay on track because this is just as much about Now as it was when I wrote it. I always want to do whatever I can to balance out the heaviness and evil in the world and build the people up that need to be reminded of their power right now.”

Ron is a crime-fighter. Well, at least in the best he can through his music. And when we say he’s fighting ‘crime’, we’re saying he’s fighting the ‘corruption’ of what ails a lot of us who live on this crust of Earth. The ‘crime’ is of hardship, unjustifiably, and being burdened with and equally unjust system within systems.

Ron wants peace and prosperity for all. Mentally, emotionally, physically. He’s an artist for the people.

Love is where things start. ‘Your Are Enough’ is a love letter for the world.

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