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Roniit – Visceral

“Visceral’ is about the back and forth I experience between feeling hopeless and feeling endless,” said RONIIT. “It’s the ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster that I’ve been riding within my mind. This song was my process of deciding which route I wanted to take on a mental and spiritual level…This song is that realization; it’s me breaking through years of self hatred and fear to realize that maybe I am indeed Visceral. Maybe I can be free from the clutches of my depression and anxiety, maybe I can be more than I thought I could be.” You are a poet RONIIT, and we dig that. ‘Visceral’ indeed is a sweeping and cinematic commentary on the human condition, at a very personal level. RONITT’s taste of downtempo/dub elements make this intrusion of reality, a delight to witness.

From White To Gray – Paranoid

Brighton based FROM WHITE TO GRAY is just like the transition in a solar eclipse. Shimmer of their language draws your senses to the majesty of the light, as the collective center of the body in the sky begins to shrink into blackness. But when FWTG’s musical rapture hits the center of your soul, the feelings of Universality grind the world to a stop – just for a moment. Emotional, attached, accessible, and delightful – ‘Paranoid’ is a under-assumed song of sentimental and personal vestiges in love, loss, and ultimate self-isolation. FWTG quite impressively judges these feelings and puts it into this oddly beautiful and fantastically arranged single. This is the 3rd release from FWTG.

Great Shapes – I-10

“‘I-10’ is about parting ways with someone you once loved, and heading towards different directions in life,” stated Neil Henry of GREAT SHAPES. “There’s a bittersweet reminiscence of how things used to be, and all those feelings and emotions come back into existence when you see that person again.” El Paso, Texas based indie-rock band explores the conundrums of the life we can lead. But things seem more greener than they really are. And parts of past relationships aren’t exceptions. We must stop. We must move on. And as GREAT SHAPES advises us to do just that, we reflect on our mistakes, but bolster by emphatically learning for our future loves.

Sex People – Like A Queen

Californian Knarfy is SEX PEOPLE. And as stories begin, the beginning wasn’t really a beginning for Knarfy. With failed relationships and a personal sexual awakening, his exposition into new heights of musical expressions began with gusto. ‘Like A Queen’ is SEX PEOPLE’s anthem for a stronger and more personal attachment to yourself. First love, then love even deeper – because in Knarfy’s eyes, the insuing new knowledge into previously unknown horizons is an acceptable chance to discover where you feel most ‘alive’. You can hear it in the song’s enthusiasm, and when curtains of life are drawn, new and fascinating worlds can maybe conquered. ‘Like A Queen’ is off of the debut EP ‘Cal-Island Season 1’, available now.

Lyrah – Down Low

“This song is about people dating with selfish intentions,” said LYRAH of ‘Down Low’. “I was in a situation where the other person wanted to show me off to their friends more than they wanted to get to know me.” The San Francisco based artist, is keen on expressing her work through ominous tones of gray and middle-gray, but somehow in her lyrical formulations, comes beaming with an attitude of light and optimism. And in her two singles, countering the personal experiences, she comes at the format of life with a iron jaw-esque determination and delightfully charming vocal content. The pop artist, toes the line between indie and pure pop, as she keeps on projecting with poise and luxury. LYRAH has something that we can feel is different. ‘Down Low’ is one more step towards that pleasing unknown.


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