Rook Monroe ‘Californialand’ : “La da da da…” Let the better you, live again. Loving vocals and lyrics, delight in the most sparkling.

Rook Monroe

Rook Monroe’s title single ‘Californialand’ is a song that just makes you feel better – reset – revived.

”Every one of us has an idea of where we should go to find ourselves. Foregoing who we truly are, to keep the light on for whoever it is we’d prefer to become. We spend so much time wondering “what could be” that “what is” never feels good enough.

‘Californialand’ represents that dream – the good, the bad, and the in between.”

A net sum of living on this tiny blue ball, is how balanced it was to exist. For us individuals, for majority don’t feel we have any voice, it’s sometimes hard to know when this suffering will end.

So we take a look deeper within, and try to solve our ails.

Rook’s powerfully understated single is a fabulous way to start the day, and your new chapter. It’s effervescent soft rock vibrance, dabbles with your inner spirits and contends that “you’re not alone in this fight.”

Loving vocals and lyrics, delight in the most sparkling.

‘Californialand’ the LP is out now.


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