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Room Six Eleven Shares ‘Ordinary Faces’.

Don’t know much about this new project from Greece, but the start of it (at least from this single) is a promising one. It’s clear, crisp, and direct with the message and subject matter of the song. The collaboration of this project is between musicians from many other parts of the world, which is a fabulous concept to be part of.

Withstanding the music video (seem to be cuts of stock videos, and which doesn’t do justice for the song itself), the quality of the presentation can be felt through the honesty and honest execution of the single.

We don’t do many jazz infused song here, but when there are enough quirks and uniqueness, we’re always keen. And in this case, the uniqueness is in the vocals and layer of the lyrics.

Sensible, nicely done, and worth a listen.

To be sure.

The EP on vinyl record (12′ white vinyl, 180grams) drops on September 2018.



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