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Room8 – Jasmine Night

“Jasmine Night was written at a time when a family member was battling a serious illness. Sometimes in Los Angeles while you sit out at night at night there is an incredible scent of Jasmine that drifts through the air and canyons.” The pair have previously collaborated with the likes of Little Boots, Morgxn and Electric Youth (who worked on the Drive soundtrack). The new track combines pulsating mini-moog basslines with the delicate vocals of Jesika Miller.

Eggstone – The Late

EGGSTONE consists of the childhood friends Per Sunding (vocal, bass), Patrik Bartosch (guitar) and Maurits Carlsson (drums). EGGSTONE are back with their second single in 22 years, following 2016’s Like So, lead singer Per Sunding’s voice as youthful as ever. The trio delights in strange shifts of tempo, harmonic clashes and pseudo-amateurish incidental noises, whilst retaining an easy seductiveness for untrained ears – The Late is no exception with its tempo modulating intro, its starts and stops, and swirling orchestral elements all supporting the summery melodies at the heart of the song.

School of X – Destiny

”My friend Adrian Adler is the grandchild of Bjørn Nørgaard who was a part of Eks-skolen. There were no teachers and no students. It was a collective of artists. Eks-skolen is a really good name that I have adopted as School of X, as it encapsulates many of the feelings I have about creating music. I like new perspectives while I also think your own experiences and memories are important in order to make sense of all these new things.” Copenhagen based musician/songwriter Rasmus Littauer is project, SCHOOL OF X. Said Rasmus. The name of SCHOOL OF X is borrowed from Eksskole a Copenhagen anti-establishment art school from the 1960s. Talented and visionary, this alt-pop prince is set to set the world of his thoughts, ablaze. With support from his new label, Tambourhinoceros, we can’t wait to find out more of the goodness center of this exciting artist.

Beauts – Good Measure

Based out of Halifax, NS Canada, BEAUTS’ single ‘Good Measure’ rouses up the call to arms for the subtleties of life. Reimagining the goodness that might be in the cracks of being, is the search for that ultimate goodness. “We’ve sort of been increasingly mellowing out as a band, and this song is evidence of that. Instead of trying to hit people over the head with an intense anthem, we’ve been paying more attention to nuance, especially with the dynamics of a song,” said BEAUTS vocalist Jeff Lawton. “But we also wanted it to still move fairly briskly, and we’ve been paying more attention to synths and hooks, and how they can be used more subtly.” With The National and Interpol as part of the inspiration and vibe of what BEAUTS represent with their songs, Palmer Jamieson, Jeff Lawton, Darryl Smith, Erik Van Lunen, and Joel Waddell will deliver on their promises with their debut album dropping February 2020.

Diamondstein – 2nd Floor Studio

His ‘Reflecting on a Dying Man’ is set for an October 6th. “Going to Parkersburg was exciting in a way,” DIAMONDSTEIN explained, “a completely new emotion I had never experienced before. There was morose poetry to everything I did, and everyone I met along the way. It was all viewed through the lens of tragedy and a sort of necessary bravery I built myself up to—like a Raymond Carver story come to life. If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Nebraska’, it almost felt like that emotionally.” The 6th release date on Doom Trip Records, DIAMONSTEIN added: “‘Reflecting on a Dying Man’ isn’t about death so much as the emotional and intellectual experience of witnessing it. Each song represents a moment of clarity in the experience—lucid realizations that you become susceptible to when the man you know better than anyone is steadily fading away on the floor below. Some dark and driving, some thoughtful and saccharine, and some overwhelmingly moving because each is what death feels like when you have the time think about it.” Will to cope, realizes will to survive. A reflective take on an ‘undying’ revelry and drama of living beings.


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