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Roos – I Fail (single premiere tease)

What happens when a multi-format artist combines with the willingness to communicate with others, through different dimensions in audible experiments? We think that person will turn out like ROOS.

In her single premiere, ‘I Fail’, she goes dark-thirty by becoming ALL, and NONE, at the same time – like the walk through the haze of the twilight. It’s an art piece. In its soft tone, she is conversational, combative, judgemental, provocative. ROOS’ constitution sites a sound of our human world both immediate and at arms-length – as something to deal with, something that can’t be brushed aside.

‘I Fail’ is an indie-pop song, with a mix of gospel sensibilities, honky-tonk beats, jazzy sax, dramatically sending the ‘heebie-jeebies’ up the spinal chords of our bodies. The tingle starts quite quickly from the beginning of the song and doesn’t let go.

ROOS’ vocals is just so dang good in taking us up and down the undulations. And it serves up a whoop-ass of a demonstration, reminding us of ABBA, in her tone and presentation (for some dang reason). It’s a comforting voice. It envelops you. It says, ‘It’ll be better tomorrow’. It’s just like your older sister confirming and helping you cope. And who wouldn’t want that in their life, right?

In sum, we didn’t want it to stop playing.

The single, in full length, should be available soon.

And as for the music video. As our mothers would probably (not) say: ‘It’s a hum-dinger of a video. ROOS is quite a ‘character’. Just like the single, it takes your hand from ASMR type elegance, to subtle modern-art visual escapades. ‘Tis good.

Anywho. Can’t wait to share the goods, soon.

ROOS will release the first volume of Standards on March 2nd, 2018

ROOS is rep’ed by the gang at Twosyllable Records, working hard out of Brooklyn.

“ROOS works with a large community of musicians, including Andrew Aged (Inc No World), Kelli Scarr (Moby), Austin Beede (Grateful Shred), Sam Gendel (INGA), Eliza Callahan (Jack and Eliza, Purr), Jimmy MacBride (Herbie Hancock), Luke Sellick (Russell Malone) and the Occidental Community Choir.” (label)



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