Roos Meijer ‘Calm Me Down’ : Angelic. In-depth. Revelry profound. Throws into the vacuous and injects a permanent beauty of dark and the glorious.

Roos Meijer

Angelic. In-depth. Revelry profound. Roos Meijer’s single ‘Calm Me Down’ throws into the vacuous and injects a permanent beauty of dark and the glorious.

Roos said: “In a time where the future is uncertain for all of us, and many people are living with worries and fears, this song is an attempt to capture these feelings. For everyone who is suffering from anxiety, ‘Calm Me Down’ can evoke feelings of recognition and acknowledgment, and for people who have never experienced anxiety, it is a chance to take an imaginative leap into the mind of another human being, and to understand what anxiety means.”

With a profoundness of detail, in both the songs and arrangement, she manages to find emotional fine lines that are not too often expressed in popular music.

Drawing inspiration from a broad range of genres such as folk, classical, indie-rock, and world music, Roos brings a new crossover to the musical landscape.

‘Calm Me Down’ was arranged only with vocals. Roos challenged herself as a songwriter, and made this into a highly inventive and original piece of music.

Let’s love what Roos offers our souls.


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