Roos Meijer ‘Made For Loving You’ : Percolates with indelible affection and poignant embrace.

Roos Meijer

Melancholic alt-folk, delivered in the angelic aura of Roos Meijer’s unconditional vocals, is both beautiful and fulfilling in ‘Made For Loving You’. “The song celebrates parenthood, and is inspired by the unconditional love between parents and children.” Roos observed this most grand phenomena, while working in refugee camps. An intimate and dreamy warmth, percolates with indelible affection and poignant embrace.

With a profoundness of detail, in both the songs and arrangement, she manages to find emotional fine lines that are not too often expressed in popular music. Drawing inspiration from a broad range of genres such as folk, classical, indie-rock, and world music, Roos brings a new crossover to the musical landscape.

She takes you by the hand and brings you to places you’ve always, but never been.

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4. The story behind ‘Brother’, a song about babyloss (👉🏼 for lyrics). Besides the lack of food, healthcare and proper living facilities, people in refugeecamps also suffer a lot from the lack of purpose. They are not allowed to work and are stuck in the camp 24/7. Therefore, it is almost impossible to maintain feelings of selfworth. A lot of people find purpose by offering their help to NGO’s. One of my standard helpers was a 12-year-old boy. He supported me with translating, was always happy to see us and helped wherever needed. He kept telling us that his mom was pregnant and he would soon be a big brother. His enthousiasm about this was so endearing. But one day, he didn’t show up for distribution. I saw him in the far distance, and immediately realised that something was up. Later I heard that his mum gave birth to a stillborn baby. This news broke my heart. It is still my saddest memory of the time that I spent in Greece, and it is very hard for me to play this song without tearing up. But I think it’s important that this subject is written about. I hope to have done it justice in this little song called ‘Brother’. It goes out to all the parents, brothers and sisters who have lost a loved one before being able to meet them. You can listen to the full song on spotify (link in bio). Let me know what you think 🖤 . . . . #babyloss #refugees #nowplaying #babylossawareness #songwriter

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