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Roscoe Parker Band – Green Grass of Will

ROSCOE PARKER gives us hope. We’d said prior: “The simpler things in life, the things and people right underneath your nose, sometimes is the most precious gift of all. And as we lazily grow even more mature and wiser, with time, we all should pause and soak in some of the love that surrounds our immediate footprint.” That’s the kind of vibes that he exudes through his music. And in ‘Green Grass Of Will’, he continues his journey of good will: “The theme for the song is to encourage the listener to continue being a dreamer. That good things comes to those who wait but as long as we keep helping each other.” Gentle sweep of Americana with a touch of modern bluegrass tones make this single a nice and airy affair for your day.

Sad Boys Club – Dead Fridays

That rise continues as they share their brand new track ‘Dead Fridays’. A scintillating rush of guitar-based melody supported by glistening synths, ‘Dead Fridays’ possesses the kind of immediately addictive hook that’s always been a hallmark of timeless indie singles. Said Jacob: “‘Dead Fridays’ is the first song of a collection that explores themes of transition, loss and the turbulence that brings, and how to make sense of that,” says Wheldon. “It’s the most angsty song on the record; a loner anthem and a scream into the void. Everyone loves those.” This summer has seen Sad Boys Club continue to cultivate their grassroots following with extensive touring. They’ve hit key festivals including Truck, The Great Escape, Live At Leeds and Neighbourhood, and played shows curated by Dork and Gigwise. They reunited with Bombay Bicycle Club to support their old pals at a recent gig, and have also played alongside King No-One and Spector.


Dream-pop duo KYENORD is Mohamed Tarek Erakat and Linn Östlund. Both originally from different cultural worlds delightfully collide in a beautiful dance in colors, spectrums, dialects in musical waves, and reliant certainty. ‘5 AM’ is one of those outcrops of their initial meeting in London mid-2018, and as it’s included in their debut EP ‘mellow drama’, the single asks the heavens of our imbued selves, “why has it been like this forevers?” A deliciously open ended and calmly resisting inquiry into why and where we’re going in this vast but often myopic visions in existence. The electrosphere light up with hues of humanity in ‘5 AM’ as it carries you away. Where? Only you would know.

New Kicks – Dear Blue

Made up of bandmates Jason Ruiz , Joseph Castaneda, Jeff Frank, and John Botts, the quartet conjurs up new-wavy bass and shoegaze love tingles through their first single release ‘Dear Blue’. The emotional vibes are as fresh as the honesty and newness of their band’s new future. The tilted cosmic irony of the tinged cynecism, gathers storm in the lyrics, as the bridge reminds you that things aren’t as dire as you thought. Say good-bye to the doldrums and we’ll move on. But not just yet. In time.

Nightcars – Through The 85

With futuristic visions drizzling down from the top, Nightcars, is the sweet and the sour, mixed in tears and smiles. The brooding production is a contrast in contrasts, an alt-pop vision of folds of emotions. NIGHTCARS is made up of friends Nick, Cial and Mebs. Originating from Venezuela, but doing their part for love from Spain. Off of LP ‘Extended Vol 2’, the trio artists dig deeper into the world of pop and the darkness in bewitching effervescent pop emotions.


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