Roscoe Parker Band Shares ‘Front Seat’. “The Simpler Things In Life, Can Be The Most Precious Of All.”

The days lazily turned by as we grew mature and wiser. The future was on its way, but we resisted all the way through. Our times were set by no clocks but only had the temper of our measure in having fun, smiling, laughing, crying, loving life. That is the feeling and essence of this lovely ballad by ROSCOE PARKER BAND’s debut single ‘Front Seat’.

And we love it.

When in love with the girl of your dreams, your wife, your gf, your daughter – we turn our lives upside down for their companionship, reciprocating love, the opportunity to travel down the new and positive future together.

‘Front Seat’ is the title track from the band, and as the band puts it: “We grew up in a shitty town in Sweden where amusement was limited to buying polish brandy at gas stations from truckers driving by. That and playing the drums or whatever. Thats how we got in to making songs and exploring the world of country music. And that is kind of the story we want to tell besides the obvious main story of how important it is to take care of the ones you love in this cold harsh world.”

There it is. Simple as peach pie.

The simpler things in life, the things and people right underneath your nose, sometimes is the most precious gift of all.

And as we lazily grow even more mature and wiser, with time, we all should pause and soak in some of the love that surrounds our immediate footprint.

It’s not too late.


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