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Rose Cousins // ONE TAPE // Faultress // Keith Mosfet // Pallas Athene

Rose Cousins – I Would Die For You (feat. Bear’s Den and Christof van der Ven)

“Prince died on my birthday,” Cousins stated. “He was bigger than life and yet so utterly, humanly vulnerable. Everyone has their own relationship with his music; I find his story and talent fascinating and his death tragic. This particular song resonates with me and when I knew the Bear’s Den guys were in town I could hear us all singing it. We had no idea we’d all be in town at the same time until two nights before when I was at their show in Boston. I’m such a fan of these guys and I’m so pleased we got to collaborate again.” Recorded with BEAR’S DEN and Christof van dern Ven, the Prince classic exudes beauty, no matter who handles the lyrics. But this time an extra amount of that same beauty is amplified by the equally beautiful artists here. Cousins also writes for film and TV with songs appearing on Grey’s Anatomy, Supergirl, Reign, and Nashville, among others. Fab collab, indeed.

ONE TAPE – Scheiße

Fresh sounding and classic, the emo post-punk band from Germany, ONE TAPE, keeps it simple and real in their latest ‘Scheiße’. Sung in German, it doesn’t need to explain what’s going on, for the listener knows exactly what’s going on. With energy and purpose, the song – along with the band – rises to the challenge of reverence, as they have the same kind of exuding fun and ‘live for today’ attitude as some of the genre’s predecessors and pioneers. Sticking to the basics is what ‘Scheiße’ is all about and ONCE TAPE does it fabulously well. See ONE TAPE @ Kump in Brilon, Germany September 29th.

Faultress – Beating Heart

“I read that Marilyn Monroe could ‘turn off’ her persona to such a degree that she could walk through LA with noone recognising her. After coming out of a gaslighting and controlling relationship, I similarly felt that I was done putting on an act just to feel an approximation of love. Beating Heart is an ode to oxytocin – it started as a bit of a joke with a friend about wanting to be able to fuck someone without emotions getting in the way.” The seductive crawl of ‘Marilyn’ sets a fantastic pace for Faultress’s ‘5 Myths’ EP. ‘5 Myths’ lyrically examines the myths surrounding the female experience of power, beauty, desire, mental health. All songs are produced by Joshua Davenport, and all except ‘Marilyn’ are mastered by Dom Howard (Submotion Orchestra). ‘Marilyn’ is co-produced by Bobby Broomfield (Does it Offend You Yeah) and mixed/mastered by Morgan Bosc. See her October 26th @ Union Chapel (London) supporting Eska and London Contemporary Voices.

Keith Mosfet – Where love will grow

“My new single “Where love will grow” just came out and id be really happy if you could give it a listen or share. A ton of work went into recording and making this thing including building a homemade green screen with Claudia and my friend nearly dying when editing it.” KEITH MOSFET captures the fun side of the dark and the gray. The indie-folk charm and honesty comes off of his music like sunshine rain in Spring. The Toronto based artist is reminiscent of styles afforded by artists Bob Dylan and Mac DeMarco, which works so well here in ‘Where Love Will Grow’. “I am always writing about deep subject matter,” said Keith, “but sometimes I try to do it in a humorous way.” Certainly does and we appreciate that to the max. Indeed.

Pallas Athene – The Wall

Breanna Johnston is Pallas Athene. The ethereal alt-pop project comes at us with both guns blazing and slices up our delicate souls with altruistic empathy. After spending nearly a decade playing in various rock and folk bands, in 2014 she injured her hands in a construction mishap and had to take an extended break from guitar in order to heal, a hiatus which led to an adventure in making electronic music. The return to form starts officially with her debut self-titled EP at the end of this year. Beats, minimalism, self awareness, self reflection, outward infinity – all conjoin to make something that is beautiful in its oddity and reflexive luxury. With ‘The Wall’, those walls do fall asunder, proclaiming that rise out of the fires of detriment and doubt. It rises.


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