Rosehip Teahouse ‘Regretting It’ : For, now you know, it’ll be alright, after all.

Rosehip Teahouse

“‘Regretting It’ is a song I wrote last year when I was feeling totally overwhelmed I struggle with understanding and coping with my emotions at the best of times, and I was making decisions that I knew were bad for me and trying not to sink under the weight of it all,” said Faye Rogers of Rosehip Teahouse.

Formed originally back in 2015, Faye commands your attention, from start to finish. Recorded DIY style, using any means possible, Faye was later joined by friend Will Dickins (Drums). The two began to create music to soothe the soul, and since the early Bandcamp singles, have formed a densely layered, full band with Tony Williams (Guitar), Josh Dickins (Bass) and Teddy Hunter (Keys), playing several intimate shows in and around Cardiff.

And what inspired Faye to write ‘Regretting It’: “I found myself dwelling on a lot of this stuff over the lockdown as all the empty time allows a lot of room for overthinking and it felt like the right time to record it. Now it’s out of my system I feel a lot better and can kind of laugh about it a bit. I’ve never clapped on a song before and the synth solo brings me a lot of joy that breaks up the sadness behind it all.”

An uncertain, certainty – Faye’s anthemic vocals, chirp across your landscape of inquiries and un-resolved challenges. You’d always known how complicated your life had become, but as soon as ‘Regretting It’ comes on board to sway influence on how wrong you were about the so called, ‘incomprehensible complexity’ of your being – you slide down into your leather seat, and relax.

For, now you know, it’ll be alright, after all.

Rosehip Teahouse, is here.


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