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Rosemary Minkler // Glacial Palms // NVDES // Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors // A Place To Wash My Hands

Rosemary Minkler – You’re Not There

ROSEMARY MINKLER is a special kind of fabulous. Combining jazz and r&b/soul elements, she dives deep into our heart to represent what love and loss is like. Romance, drama, the inequitable roar of the subtle groove defines her single ‘You’re Not there’. It is a masterful stroke in opening up her sensibilities for the opportunity of the external world to experience. Born and raised in Waterbury, CT, the fantastic pianist / composer / audio engineer kicks it gear and helps you submerge in the glory. Can’t wait to hear more and more from the talented artist.

Glacial Palms – Dreams Elusive

GLACIAL PALMS is a fabulous group who is like an oasis of greenery after your long trip through a 7th dimension of expectations. The combination of falsetto vocals, mixed with elements reminiscent of bands like Enya, Radiohead, BeeGees, the uniqueness of the band comes through like nothing else. The siblings of Rafael Cansino – Vocals, Fiona Cansino – Vocals & Keys, and Gabriel Cansino – Guitar & Vocals, set the precedence of the band, and just float to that higher level. ‘Dreams Elusive’ is their best yet.

NVDES – On My Magic

Los Angele based artist NVDES brings his single ‘Oh My Magic’ off of his debut album ‘Vibe City Utah’. Explaining the video, NVDES stated: “Molly Milk quivers in fear. Her world is small: snacks and gossip and the outfits of her closet. But then: something new arrives, something unexpected, and she finds stagnation is moving.” The artist is a constant pilot in a world that lives in the clouds of our minds. Just a bit arms length out of reach, but very much close to our animal instincts. The raw ruckus of ‘Oh My Magic’ is your inner taunt. It screams because you always wanted to. Word.

Nathan Leigh and the Crisis Actors – All Our Racist Uncles

Just coolness. That’s what NATHAN LEIGH AND THE CRISIS ACTORS represents to us. With ‘All Our Racist Uncles’ takes the mundane subject of family relationships and makes it an overall spearhead for the larger discussion at hand. Yes. We all know someone who have some antiquated thoughts on many subject. But that’s always been our world and society. Vigilance is key. The folk-punkiness is delightful, playful, and just makes it entertaining. We dig that direction. Oh and the video is fab too.

A Place To Wash My Hands – Insufficient Funds

A PLACE TO WASH MY HANDS is a collab between indie-rockers Alex Johnson (Why Dogs Why), Greg Katz (Cheekface), Sarah Tudzin (Illuminati Hotties) and Alex Rogers (Family Hahas). The new project and the new single just gives another dimension to the works of the individual bands. We are familiar with Sarah of Illuminati Hotties (reviewed them before), but we’re glad to be acquainted with the others too. ‘Insufficient Funds’ is exactly that: the shortfall of your feelings, and view on life. The pressures of external eyes peering at your every move is daunting. Break away, for – say it – “you deserve better”. Looking forward to more hazy offerings from the project.


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