Rosenfeld x KHEMIS ‘The Witch’ : “There will come a point of no-return after which it is too late to care”. The sh*tshow has just begun.


This is a song about the dangers of technology, AI, nuclear warfare, fake news and media manipulation. Both the video and audio of president Donald Trump were generated using artificial intelligence. ‘The Witch’ is the new collaboration between French classically-trained singer, songwriter, producer multi-instrumentalist Rosenfeld and French DJ-producer KHEMIS.

“’The Witch’ is kind of cryptic, even to me,” said Rosenfeld. “It tackles a lot of things, both through the audio and the video. Artifical Intelligence, nuclear warfare, fake news, media manipulation…. It’s the story of Frankenstein, his creation killed him and I feel like, as humans, we tend to act carelessly, not thinking about the long-term consequences of our actions. I do not claim to know what’s the right thing to do, I just think those are topics we should talk about now more than ever…”

The two artists used artificial intelligence to generate a fake speech of US president around which the track revolves. ‘The Witch’ is a clever blend of Trance-inspired psychedelic synths and acoustic sounds that tackles critical topics of this generation (US foreign policy, nuclear warfare, AI and the dangers of technological development).

Rosenfeld added: “We’re on the path of self-destruction, if we don’t act early, there will come a point of no-return after which it is too late to care, and all we’ll be able to do is sit back and watch the sh*tshow”

Doomed to repeat it. Poignant reminder from the collab.

The sh*tshow has just begun.

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