ROSEY BENGAL Drops Latest LP ‘Ghillie Suit’. Launch Show Thursday, June 20th. Watch ‘Midnight Doses’.

Evan Luberger is the lead chap behind ROSEY BENGAL. He leads a vision for his music, by pulling together varied musical inspirations from many genres, and having the fortitude in trying to make it his own. It’s always been that way. And in Evan knows, it’ll always be that way.

On June 20th, ROSEY BENGAL, will celebrate the launch of his newest offering in ‘Ghillie Suit’. An LP that had been recorded between 2018 and 2019, and as he’d call it he’d recorded it in a “studio, barn, and/or bedroom”. From hopes, dreams and heartaches, the ‘Ghillie Suit’ follows up his 2017 release ‘Junk Mail’.

‘Midnight Doses’ is one of the singles from the new LP and it symbolizes an evolution in the artistry formally represented by ROSEY BENGAL’s, in prior prints. The soft, dream-like effervescence, tied down by the altruistically nonchalant journey of the protagonist, revels in the new days of ‘now’ and fervently licks his chops, in total anticipation for the future. Finding nuggets of ‘gold’ in the death trap of life, is the final and utter triumph that is sought from the mind of an normal, ordinary soul. Searching, reaching, but always planted square on the ground for the exciting new challenges ahead.

The inspirationally chill vibe of the single is where ROSEY BENGAL lives and it should be experienced.

So, maybe Live?

A date it is.

The event is sponsored Mint 400 Records, Rockit Docket, and comeherefloyd (Thursday at 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM @ Jersey City’s FM Bar, Venue, and Restaurant). Francis Moon, Romaji, and Andrew Lange will share the stage.


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