ROSEY BENGAL Release Show For ‘Ghillie Suit’. Francie Moon, Romaji, Andrew Lange Joined The Fun.

ROSEY BENGAL did a little shindig at FM in Jersey City, and we’d hung out to see the performances from some fab New Jersey bred bands and artists. Joining ROSEY BENGAL was Francie Moon, Romaji, and Andrew Lange.

Evan Luberger is the impetus for his project and in celebration of his 4th full LP, he chimed on with the trademark-esque smoothness of indie-folk and country to rock-on rockabilly tinged songs that he loves to present for listeners.

The project unapologetically institutes jazz, blues, rockabilly, country, bluegrass, and folk into a foray of sounds that drape your senses as the contiguous understated vocals of Evan, keeps you on the right path. Woozy Americana, slathers down to emphatic blues-rock, and off from the contrast and demeanors of his lyrics, curtailing posthumously in a hysterical meme of hazy and determining pleasures.

Quite a rolling rollercoaster of a performer, to be sure.

The gang in ROSEY BENGAL consists of: Evan Luberger, James Abbott, Brandon Valdez, Rich Slurry, Adam Pumilia, and Nicole Abbott. They brings a sultry atmosphere to the whole project, both in studio publications and in a live format. From the back-up vocals, to the keys, to the rhythm section, all of the elements congeal fabulously to present something new to the fore.

And in that sentiment, congrats ROSEY BENGAL, for another job well done.





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