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Rosie Carney Shares ‘Thousand (feat Lisa Hannigan)’. “As Beautiful, As Always.”

It has been many months since our first encounter with beautiful artist ROSIE CARNEY. We’d reviewed her single ‘K’, a cover of CIGARETTES AFTER SEX’s rendition, and at the time, we were enthralled and captivated by Rosie’s talents. We’d said: “Rosie Carney is beautiful – subtle and elegant, with vocals straight out of a fantasy. All this flows directly and uninhibited in her musical presentation of what is and what should. In her cover rendition of ‘K’ (originally by Cigarettes After Sex) she directs one’s heart in coordinated harmony, with memories and haunting visions captured – to a brighter plain.”

Nothing has changed.

In her latest single ‘Thousand’, Rosie’s transitions and communicative abilities through her songs are dramatic and gorgeous, to say the least. The subtlety is wide spanning, and the fantasies of love and affection, rolls down like the morning culmination of refreshing dew drops.

Bravo Rosie. Bravo.

On October 23rd, she visits National Concert Hall in Dublin, Ireland. If you can, you should meet her there.



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