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Rosie Tee Shares The Universe In Tantric Single ‘All We Are Now’ Off Of New EP ‘Chambers’.

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‘Chambers’ is the new EP from Birmingham UK based songstress, ROSIE TEE. And within it, there lies this beautiful egg of a single, brimming with positivity and delight. It awaits your desensitized sensibilities as ‘All We Are Now’ wrestles the known into a far off place in shimmering colors and possibilities.

The single is gorgeous, to say the least.

And from the get-go, the atmospheric jazz/classic histories merge at the edge of ROSIE TEE’s universality, wrapped delightfully with adjunct timing variances and lyrically exuberant aesthetics.

Color is in full sonic form with Rosie’s project, and she’s not shy from demonstrating this fact. Images ponder their weight, as the psychoses of Rosie’s words and hymns, gather together in future formations, bombing away at the niggling preponderance of the ‘reckoning’.

The egg now hatches; in your hand – producing a jagged edge of shells, refined in its wake. You ‘haw’ and ‘awe’ at the glimpse of that new life, being born into the new and unaccustomed world.

‘All We Are Now’ birthed and crying, you caress with fevered dexterity, listening in empathy, for it will want you as the guide to such wonderous praises and shield it from all harm.

Their EP ‘Chambers’ is that wave of the things that you never knew you needed. But now, won’t be able to put down.

Rosie’s band is completed by Tom Harris, Kai Chareunsy, and Dan Cippico.



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