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Rosing Shares ‘Beige Oblivion’. “Delicately cultivated like the sea of harvest in that field of dreams.”

Los Angeles based musicians Michael O’Neill, Olivia Dessy and Chris Moore are souls you’d want to kiss. Why? You know when a song makes you want to just love, because it just brings out the kind of emotions – sad, happy, or ambivalent – to the sleeves of your heart? That’s why.

And in ‘Beige Oblivion’ has got to get its due, as the sultry and immaculately beautiful vocals of Olivia, casts that odd spell over your very soul.

Mixed in dream-pop, and drum-bass elements, this particular offering is the length of the horizon of a vast open desert. It glows with am mahogany’s worth of golden attributes, all of it delicately cultivated like the sea of harvest in that field of dreams.

The word ‘luscious’ doesn’t over it enough.

Vast in captivity, the brilliant shimmer, envelopes with iron clad confidence, as your own listening pleasures explode like the end of a long and virtuous love making session.

The satisfaction is glorious and the cacophony of sounds, meld seamlessly to preside over that story-making.

‘Beige Oblivion’ is off of their debut EP.


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