Ross John Martin Shares ‘Learning To Live Without You’. Tale Of Heart Ache And Maybe Hope.

Solitary thoughts are dangerous, sometimes. In some cases, they ease the state you are in. But sometimes, it just makes one more miserable than can be handled.

Self pity, creeps in, while watching TV, and eating the tasteless life that seems to have become, very much yours.

It’s a hard place to escape, when sinking into it took many days, months, years.

But you must, for there’s much to be handled, tried, failed, and maybe – triumphed.

The sour, with the sweet.

It always MUST go together.

There is nothing to compare, without knowing that each part of the spectrum of life, exists.

So, why not. Let’s pry ourselves from that lonesome float. Bounce out of that DIY trampoline. Cut through the shackles of doubt.

What do you say, pilgrim?

Ross John Martin has come through tough places in his young life. And now, his outlook is love, and music. His vocals are unique and tailored for love songs on that good ol’ acoustic guitar. The soft lighting, visual vocals are the highlight of his music, and should be listened to.

We sure did.

His new album ‘Company’ will drop July 27th.


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