ROWAN ‘Finish Line’ : Search for solace and emotional purpose.


In its own context and its architectural focus, the end of the chorus of ROWAN’s single ‘Finish Line’ gives off that vibe of and for comfort. A delightful love exercise of thoughts and personal daydreams, waft out of the song caressingly, like the fleeting air for a crush. A basket of uncertainties, don’t deter gumption and that cling to hope and possible prosperity.

It’s a sentimental and beautiful song.

“‘Finish line; was inspired by the feeling of hopelessness in being an introvert surrounded by confident extroverts,” stated the band. “The line ‘Caught In The Neon Of A Garage Light’ came about from a cameo from ‘American Beauty’. Dylan was watching the movie with a guitar in hand, and noticed the striking imagery at this point in the movie (just before Frank Fitts kisses Lester Burnham) paused the movie and wrote this line down.”

‘Finish Line’ gives hope to those who still search for solace and emotional purpose.


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