Rowan ‘You’re Not The One’ : Jam packed wth anthemic shine and shimmering splendor. An inspirational truth.


Love and anticipation is where it guides you in ‘You’re Not The One’. With piano driven affections, framed with beautiful indie vocals and choral hard rock harmonies, the single is a fabulous example of what this trio can produce.

With extensive experience with some of the best bands in the world, Rowan, comes together to bring effervescence in tradition and rock.

Dylan Howe, Fionn Hennessy-Hayesand Kevin Herron, makes this project come alive, like fireworks at the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. Jam packed wth anthemic shine and shimmering splendor, ‘You’re Not The One’ is an inspirational truth to ourselves and our well being.

Off of the EP ‘No One Is Safe Here’, Rowan does it like it should.


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