Rowe Shares ‘Tired Love’. “Beautifully sung antecedent to a life to be.”

Walking in this world, you’re often alone. Left to your own devices, left to your personal and private thoughts, in solitude vice. A party for one, starts when the sun’s morning rays hit you with a warm and glowing ‘hello’ through the gray of the window curtains.

“This song is my first single as a solo artist, years after the dissolution of a band I was in,” said songstress, Rowe. “It’s not necessarily about one person or relationship, but kind of encompasses a lot of experiences I’ve had where I was made to feel like I couldn’t fully be myself and I needed certain people to be strong. It’s a testimonial to growth and healing, finding strength just as yourself, and felt like the perfect first song to share as a solo artist.”

With a beckoning resolve, of the the night, you wake up to the notion that ‘You’re worth more than you’d ever thought…” Then with new purpose and determination, the overflowing energy – for new, and upcoming excitement – helps you see the world in a new light.

‘Tired Love’ is a captivating and charming neo soul-inspired ballad. The song is, as well, a turn around the corner of a new creative chapter for Becky.

And after heart-aches and heart-breaks, Becky is determined to transform her attitudes and her music. Out of the depths of haze and instability, Becky, rises with art and conviction through songs like ‘Tired Love’.

Disappointment of one’s footprint, slowly helps crumble the foundation of that once fruitful and dominant vibrance.

Becky deduced that a change – a huge change – were to be part of her new, self.

‘Tired Love’ is a beautifully sung antecedent to a life to be. We’re bigger than that. We’re better than that.

There’s just much more living to do.

Rowe is the solo project of California-based vocalist and songwriter Becky Filip (formerly of The Honey Trees).


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