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Roy Juno – Glory

Debut single ‘Glory’ from ROY JUNO is a fateful flight over an ocean full of hope and positive expectation. “Life’s too short, but it feels so long…” is in the lyrics, and is a deciding confusion in contrast between bitter and sweet in this little Universe we live in. It’s a question to be had, and it is one that is old as human beings existed. So, look up the stars and see permanence in your own soul. Be settled in the temporary vibes of the footprint you preside. Go at it with gusto. What else can you do? So, have at it.

Gannon Hall – Lavendar 2.5

Like a slow travel through the emptiness of space, the single ‘Lavendar 2.5’ plays like a procession in marching steps towards the sun. The near 6 minute endeavor is just like a chapter in a book, with fine details and descriptions, about the loneliest perceptions and indignations. Just like a narrator describing the narrows of her neck, flowing to the nape of her sensuous and daring top, the gazing ‘eye’ through this visceral binocular of a single is palpable. The slow and purposeful song, has an effect.

Monarchy – Deep Cut

MONARCHY brings ‘Deep Cut’ and as always keeps tossing music to the masses like no tomorrow. The ever popular band, will be releasing their next album ‘Mid:Night’ coming January 18th and with that they will do a 6 date UK tour right after, quenching the need for some MONARCHY in many of their fans’ lives. “For this song, I really wanted to use Ra¹s voice as an instrument, to add dynamic all the way through,” added Andrew Armstrong. “So there¹s little vocal grabs, BV¹s, the big outro moment, and even percussive elements made up of Ra¹s voice. Then the rest is an exploration of French-styled funk and disco, but in a Monarchy setting”.

Daniel Revel – City Lights

Melancholic and reflective, DANIEL REVEL’s ‘City Lights’ cohesively weaves a tale of sights and sounds for the audience. Besting what’s ahead in the future, the somber drive up the Boulevard shows truncated images of your past. As Daniel traveled abroad, he’d come to the oddly mystical and unique Chinatown in NYC. We’d agree, for in certain times of the night, Chinatown glistens in grandeur. Like a foreign land, it speaks to your heart with a different language. Conforming to none, the future co-mingles, in dance, on the streets. ‘City Lights’ is a contemporary single, with a straight forward highlight – of a life, of a moment.

The Frontier – Follow this Feeling

Washington D.C. based band THE FRONTIER brings high-energy rock and indie, fusing to a pop laced euphoria. The band was formed in 2016, and the ‘live’ feel that courses throughout the single ‘Follow This Feeling’. So far 2 EPs have been dropped with the expected accolades. Seems like 2019 will start with a bang, as the band is adrenaline pumped to release single after single, in providing pleasure for their audience’s ears. In any case, the band is all about live, and big sounds. It’s a dang good thing.

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