Roy Shakked ‘Oblivion’ : Slow, lush, melodic piece, with a 60’s nod.

Roy Shakked

‘Oblivion’ is the first track off of Roy Shakked’s new EP ‘I’m Telling Everyone’. It’s a slow, lush, melodic piece, with a 60’s nod, recorded with real strings in Roy’s vintage studio. Roy plays guitar, piano & keys and bass. Tamir Barzilay (Macy Gray, Scary Pockets) is on drums.

The song was featured on the Netflix drama Greenhouse Academy last year.

Roy has been releasing albums and creating eclectic music for film and tv for years now, going under various pen names, most notably Holmes. Though only known to a modest number of diehard fans, his tracks have enjoyed over 4 million streams to date.

This is his second EP under his own given name.


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