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Royal Brat shares debut album ‘Eyesore’! A delicious psyche up job without pom-poms.

We know some things about high-school. After all, we were professional high-schoolers in our high-school years; for 4 years. And from those years, we know a little about cheerleader chants. They were cheesy, the girls were bit cheesy at times, the chants were very very bad (at least our schools’ cheers). But not this, Royal Brat’s ‘Eyesore’ is such a anti-cheer. It gets the energy up, like those others couldn’t.

The audience is psyched, the radio is psyched, the listeners are psyched, and we at CHF ARE psyched.

What a fab debut album.

Vocalist Alex Uhrich is fabulous and has that tone just pierces and hits that middle bone part of the chest (you know which one), right above the diaphragm. It hurts if you hit it. But invigorating too, in a weird way. There are 13 songs on the album, and each and everyone has its characteristics which we loved to listen to, multiple times. Our faves have been ‘Snowball’, ‘Broken Step’, ‘Gut’, and ‘Avoider’.

We personally have made ‘Snowball’ our week’s un-official mascot. Such a cool song.

Anywho, bandmates Shannon Boyer, Clara Salyer, and Conor Burke help in making the band what it is – serious, playful, whimsical, and a band that should be live-tastic to watch!

And that is half the battle, ain’t it?

Kudos and congrats y’all!

They’re rep’ed by the folks at Moniker Records.

Buy [HERE]



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