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Royal Republic Shares ‘Anna-Leigh’. “You know you wanna. Let’s dance!”

What’s two plus two? You’d answer: four. Then what’s the circumference of the Earth? You’d nonchalantly answer: 24,901 miles. Okay, smarty pants, then what is the square root for ‘fun’?

You answer..

ROYAL REPUBLIC’s single ‘Anna-Leigh’!

Heck yea!

That’s right factoid nerds, you play trivial pursuit and dominate? We lay for ‘keeps’ with the ever effervescent single of ‘Anna-Leigh’ to keep it real and then some.

Now, you’d ask, what the heck are you driving at?

Nothing in particular, pal. Just want the CHF-verse to know that this song is fast, fun, and enjoyable to all of your senses like that time in college. You know what we mean.

“We’re, like, nerds,” Adam Grahn stated. “And we always tried to hide it a little bit. It was always a case of ‘this isn’t rock and roll’, and we were like ‘yeah, but we can sing four-part harmonies, and we can do all these things that your average guitar rock band may not be able to pull off. So what are we so afraid of? Let’s buy those fucking golden sequin jackets and get bouncy!’”

That’s right. Not as bouncy as your man-boobs, but very bouncy. The song is that pop addition to the Universe that ‘gets you’. It is the pick me up that comes to your rescue as you were bound for a calamitous downward emotional spiral.

When you first listen to ‘Anna-Leigh’ your ears perk up and then your fingers tap on the table. You look at the cup of tea and the steam slowly wafting upwards, and you suddenly get up from that kitchen table, and shimmy.

Your knees are moving. Your face is making a thing called a ‘smile’. And you know your tea is going to get cold, but you don’t care.

You turn up the volume and you’re IN like the dickens!

As the weight of depression comes apart at the seams, falling off of you like two ton Ford Fiesta, you laugh inside with joy and decadence.

On May 31st, ROYLA REPUBLIC will drop their new album ‘Club Majesty’. And on that day, just like many in this world, a guy, sitting at a kitchen table, with a cup of Earl Grey tea, will rise up and dance.

ROYAL REPUBLIC has been putting smiles on faces since the mid 2000’s and consists of: Adam Grahn, Hannes Irengård, Per Andreasson, and Jonas Almén.



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