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ROYAL Shares ‘Vessel’. “You Started To Sink In That Black And Dreary Quicksand.”

ROYAL’s new single’s chorus is to die for. For realz. Real, realz. It melts in your mouth. It melts your sensibilities in a 1000 degree Celcius draped attitude. ‘Vessel’ is a hypnotic spin on the road to love, then a description of pain and sorrow in a life.

Regret is hard to deal with.

But it’s not ALL there is about this love-affair.

It’s a virtual shackle that must be unlocked and destroyed.

If not, you will be destroyed first.

“This song is a story about heartbreak, letting go of someone you love and then realizing the emptiness and loss of identity that ensues. I wrote this song after being completely shattered by a relationship that I had given my life to, and had believed would last a lifetime.” – ROYAL.

The demons hound your every step, after that initial shock. The event enthralled and disrupted, without fail, and you started to sink in that black and dreary quicksand.

You wanted to just sink.

You just wanted to disappear.

With that grainy desolation near and up to your chin – you suddenly awake.

You are more than enough.

You are more than the relationship.

Let’s hit reset.

ROYAL’s upcoming album, ‘Heart of Shadows’ drops November 2nd, 2018.



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