Ruark ‘When You Coming Home’ : Love, the Ruark way.


Ruark Inman and his band are from South Arkansas. Their first album is called ‘When You Coming Home’, and the journeys taken from the backs of the stories depicted, really drives raw and palpable vibes to the listener’s hopes. Revelry of modern pop-folk, than at times classic, the mix of Neil Young-ish givens, tangle like tigers in the wild, to bring up the essence of what Ruark could be.

Charm and delight are a consuming attitude.

The band is from South Arkansas and the members of the band include Ruark on guitar and vocals, Alexa Joyce on bass and backing vocals, with Jeff Greer on drums and backing vocals. The trio make up a unique stack of sentiments for the corner of your heart that needs some gentle awakening.

The Ruark way.


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