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Rubita // Apache Rose // Blauka // Hypnumb // Kae Astra

Rubita – Let Me Know

RUBITA”s single “let Me Know’ is “a song born from torn relationships and informed by her hard work to date”. Rachel Kibblewhite is the gal with the most-est behind RUBITA. Rachel’s casually one of the most talented songwriters we had the pleasure of coming across. She’s just straight out of another golden decade. 90’s and indie vibes are intertwined seamlessly with the uncanny notion for song craft. ‘Let Me Know’ is an alt-Americana blend with stoked reminiscing of stories unbound, and chords of beautiful sentiments. RUBITA’s vocals are of innocence unrequited, and when the words stride on, you’re assumptions for love and affection, grows with every intent. RUBITA’s quite a treat, indeed.

Apache Rose – Tiny Love

Russian rock band APACHE ROSE sings ‘Tiny Love’ and it’s the anthem of scorn love and what it means to keep on surviving when things are down. Not much is known about the band, but from what is presented in the song, the tight percussions to the rock n’ roll vocals, keeps the vibe humming. Let’s hope we can find out more about the Moscow band with the chops.

Blauka – Polana

Warsaw, Poland based artist BLAUKA is a unique project. The 60’s pop influences shine through as the nostalgia exudes, tickling the hairs on your body with charming psyche tinged indie sensibilities. Duo Georgina Tarasiuk and Piotr Lewaczyk make up the core of this delightful butterfly of a band. And in ‘Polana’, their casual meme-ing into decadence in creativity, surges with subtle electricity, amplified fabulously by Georgina’s succulent vocals. Partners in song, and in romance, the artists tackle thoughts, dreams and emotions that are inherently intertwined in our daily lives.

Hypnumb – Crooked Magic

Festival / stadium psyche-rock groove band, HYPNUMB, knows how to put on a party. In their single ‘Crooked Magic’ is a party, within a party, as each vowel and consonant of which are sung by lead vocalist Bex B, clings to your ribs with hard-rock grit. Bex is joined by core member, John, and the duo makes a formidable rock offering, perfect for live audiences everywhere. Said the duo: “We wrote this song at a time when there was so much judgement being thrown around with a complete lack of compassion. We wanted to convey that if you live your truth then others opinions can slide straight off your back. It was our opener for the UK tour, hence the video to support it. Hope you like it. Playing the dirty blues is where the HYPNUMB game is at, and we dig it the way they do. The band is based in Christchurch, NZ, and rocks it from the other side of this blue ball Earth.

Kae Astra – Medicate

KAE ASTRA faces the world with newfound energy and effervescence through her new project. Her moody dream-pop synth extravaganzas, drift along that giant mangrove covered river of thoughts, and meander with pride. Kae’s cosmic vocal attentions, waft in solitary strength, as the instrumental beats in ‘Medicate’, sully down your qualms in life and beyond. The nostalgic preference of ‘Medicate’ is a melodic and artful audible dance, where lush dreams become painted waterfalls. Her debut EP ‘Fortune’ is a collaboration with Walker Lukens and Curtis Roush.


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