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RUBLE Shares Dynamically Ravenous ‘It’s been a while’. “I Hesitate To Reach Out…You’re So Beautiful.”

I wake up and I turn my head towards your side of the bed. I focus with the morning eyes. Then I gaze.

I gaze at your hair.

Your nose.

Your closed eyes.

Your lips.

Your shoulder.

Your chest, as it gently moves up and down in coordination with your breathing.

I hesitate to reach out and disturb you, as I want to respect the silence and tantric calm of the morning with you by my side.

I half roll over towards you, putting my folded right arm underneath my ear.

You’re so beautiful.

RUBLE’s ‘It’s Been A While’ is a delicious indie-pop chemistry that gets the blood going, no matter which day of the week.

Noah Ruble decided some time ago, that he wanted to take his solo aesthetics within his musical tastes and see where it would lead. And from what we see his instincts are on point.

And with the circumstances and story telling abilities he enhances in his songs, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him near you playing, seducing, and garnering your praise.




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