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Ruby The Hatchet – Killer

The revving chords from the get go, snapped at our heart string. We might have had a hard night, previous, and was a bit weak in the senses, but when we re-heard ‘Killer’ by Ruby The Hatchet – the jig was up.

Hard to point it out, really.

We, at CHF, listening and enjoying every genre of music. After all, music is an expression with ‘vibrating waves’ through our atmosphere – controlled and finessed, right?

And like all that we review, ‘Killer’ hits that ‘spot’, at that particular moment, and at that particular emotional state.

The drinking night before, does do things to one’s psyche, but in this case, enhancement to the cortex – for the sounds that RTH makes in this song, is truth.

Over-doing it?


The way we figure it, there are times when you need some kind of hard-rock, to get you going.

And there they were, RTH, waiting to kick our CHF butts into gear.

The mix of ‘psychodelia’ is heightened by the effects on the vocals of Jillian (singer) on the studio version. But the contradiction of the way the guitar chunks are mastered, it’s a nice succulent balance in attitude.

If you want a ‘taste’ of what hard-rock/metal can feel like, but you’re not really a hard-rock/metal fan? Try Ruby The Hatchet.

Kudos, gang in RTH. Kudos.

We dig. You should too.

Oh, if you’re in Philadelphia on December 31st, go to Ortlieb’s and see the band.

They are rep’ed by Tee Pee Records, in Brooklyn, and their LP ‘Planetary Space Child’ dropped on August 25.



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